What Should You Ask Your Doctor?

Important Questions To Ask Your Doctor At An Appointment

Ask Your Doctor

When you are at your Doctors appointment, or talking to any other health professional it’s important to ask the right questions so you fully understand what is going on and how to proceed. The following are a quick guide.

Some of these questions may not always be relevant. Pick the questions appropriate to the type of health professional you are talking to and your current situation.


Important Questions:

  1. Could you tell me in laymen’s terms what the problem is?
  2. What is the best course of treatment?
  3. Are there alternative treatments?
  4. What are the risks and benefits of this condition, or treatment, or test, or medication, or procedure etc?
  5. Where can I find more information about this condition, or treatment, or test, or medication, or procedure etc?
  6. What will happen if I don’t get treatment?
  7. Is there something I can do to help myself?
  8. Who can I contact, or what should I do if things get worse?
  9. Is there a support group or further help available?
  10. What are these tests for?
  11. Am I able to get a copy of my test results?
  12. When should I expect to hear from? – The doctor, or the hospital or any other professional you may be referred to.
  13. Should I make my next appointment before I leave?
  14. Is transport to the hospital and back home from the hospital available? If yes, how do I arrange it?

Most countries have a “patient transport service” to transport you to the hospital and home from the hospital. This service is generally free and available through the health care system; so ask your Doctor.