Use Medication Wisely


How To Use Medication Wisely

Including Prescription Medications, Herbal Medications And Vitamins

use medication wisely

In this day and age we have many choices when it comes to medications. You may take medicine prescribed by your doctor or bought over the counter from the chemist; many people choose to use herbal medications from their herbalist, natural/alternative therapist or other practitioner, whilst others may simply buy an herbal remedy or vitamin and mineral supplement online or over the counter because they heard it worked.

It doesn’t matter where you obtain your medication from, what matters is how you use it.


Use Medications Wisely

Using the appropriate medication correctly can cure illness and enhance health, especially in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and moderate exercise. Although we must remember all medications, including herbal and some vitamins and minerals carry a risk of unwanted side effects.


Let Your Doctor Know

It is a good idea to let your family, friends and any practitioner that you visit know exactly what medication you are taking.

It doesn’t matter if they are prescribed by a doctor or other practitioner, bought from a chemist, health food store, supermarket, herbalist, online store, or anywhere else. The fact is prescription drugs and some herbal medications, (and some vitamins and minerals) can poorly interact with each other causing the medication to become less effective, even harmful.

It Is Especially Important To Tell Your Doctor if:

  • You are trying to become, or are pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding
  • You have problems with your liver, kidney, or stomach
  • You drink alcohol


What To Ask Before Taking Medications

It doesn’t matter if it’s your doctor, herbalist, pharmacist, naturopath, or any other practitioner. You need to ask these questions:

  • What side effects does this medication cause?
  • Will this medication interact with my other medications?
  • How often do I take it?
  • How long will I need to take it for?
  • Do I take it with my meals or on an empty stomach?
  • What will I do if I miss a dose?
  • Is there anything I cannot do whilst on this medication, for example driving?
  • Will it make me drowsy or effect me in any other way that I should know about?


  • Be certain that you are not allergic to any substance in the medication
  • Always take medicine as directed
  • Never use someone else’s medication (just because it worked for them does not mean it will work for you – it may even be harmful)


A Herbal Medicine Caution

Be careful when using herbal medicine as the strength can vary dramatically. Because herbal medicine is made from plants the strength can vary according to things like climate, and where they are grown, just to name a couple.

If you are going to use herbal medicine it is a good idea to consult a professional herbalist, naturopath etc. as they can advise you on the best medications and treatment.



When you store medications put them in a cool dry place WAY OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN