Understanding Stomach Ache


Causes Of Stomach Pain In Children

Causes Of Stomach Pain In Children

Stomach pain (Abdominal pain) is a common childhood complaint and may be due to a large number of conditions. Although the underlying cause is usually self regulating and relatively harmless, such as constipation; there are certain conditions which require urgent, specialized care; for example appendicitis.

Stomach pain in children is one of the most difficult conditions to diagnose because it varies with age, the location of the pain and the associated symptoms. For this reason it is important to seek professional medical help for any abdominal pain.

Possible Causes Of Acute Abdominal Pain By Age

Birth to One Year Old

Two To Five 5 years Old

Six To Eleven Years Old

Twelve To Eighteen Years Old

Stomach Pain Treatment For Children

If your child complains of stomach pain it is important for them to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Depending on the diagnosis treatments can range from simply resting, to drinking fluids and eating a bland diet, to hospitalization and surgical procedures.



  • Most stomach complaints generally get better in hours to days and need no specific treatment, but it is always better to get a professional, medical diagnosis
  • In many cases of stomach pain the cause is unknown

What You Can Do At Home

General Suggestions On Reducing Pain And Discomfort Include:

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Drink fluids such as water or juice
  • Do not force your child to eat
  • If your child is hungry give them bland foods such as rice, crackers, toast etc
  • You may place a hot water bottle on your child’s stomach, or give them a warm bath
  • If your child is in pain and miserable you can give them the recommended dose of paracetamol or ibuprofen etc
  • Avoid giving aspirin (it can cause serious complications in children)

When To Get Urgent Medical Help

Go to Your Doctor As Soon As Possible If Your Child:

  • Is experiencing severe pain, worsening pain or pain that is moving position
  • Is pale, sweaty and unwell
  • Has fever or chills
  • Has been vomiting for 24 hours or more
  • Has blood in their vomit or stool (poo)
  • Is having trouble passing urine
  • Has a painful skin rash


If you are concerned about anything at all – See Your Doctor.