Safe Kids – Inside The House


Safe Kids – Inside The House

  Safe Kids Inside The House Take a look at the checklist below; these are some of the more common causes of injuries in the house. You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions, if not, simply fix the problem and you are good to go.  

Walls and Floors

  • Are your painted walls free of cracks and without any peeling paint? (See lead poisoning)
  • Have you removed any old nails or screws which are protruding from the wall?
  • Have you hung all of your picture frames and mirrors securely?
  • Have you secured your rugs to the floor or fitted them with anti-slip pads?

Doors & Windows

  • Do your doors have finger pinch guards installed?
  • Have you installed one piece door stops or removed the rubber tip from older door stops to minimize choking hazards?
  • Do your external doors have door knob covers to prevent your young one leaving the house?
  • Have you placed decorative markings on all glass doors so they will not be mistaken for an open door?
  • Have your sliding doors been fitted with childproof locks?
  • Have you installed safety bars or window guards on all upper level windows?
  • Do all windows have window stops to prevent them closing all of the way?
  • Have you secured all window blind and curtain cords out of reach of children?


  • Have you securely fitted all shelving and other furniture to the wall so they cannot be pulled over?
  • Have you put padded edge protectors on the corners of your coffee tables, bench tops and other furniture with sharp edges?
  • If you have a flat screen TV is it mounted securely on the wall?
  • If you have an older style TV is it sitting on a stand which is low and stable?
  • Have you fitted stops on all drawers so they cannot be pulled out all of the way?
  • Have you placed all beds and cribs away from the windows?


  • Have you mounted safety gates at the top and bottom of stairways?
  • Are your stairways free of tripping hazards such as worn or loose carpet and kids toys?
  • Have you ensured that your banisters and railings are secure and your child cannot squeeze between them?
  • Have you made sure that there is adequate lighting in the stairwell?