Safe Kids – In The Kitchen


Safe Kids – Kitchen Safe

  kitchen safe Take a look at the checklist below; these are some of the more common causes of injuries in the kitchen. You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions, if not, simply fix the problem and you are good to go.  

Safe Kids Checklist – Kitchen

  • Are all of your sharp tools in a draw with a child proof lock?
  • Does your dishwasher have a lock so it cannot be opened whilst it is running?
  • Have you put stove knob protectors on your stove and installed a stove lock?
  • Are all chairs or anything that can be used to climb on positioned away from the stove?
  • When cooking do you turn all of your pot handles inwards, or place pots on the back elements so the kids cannot reach them?
  • Is all of your glassware and appliances with blades stored out of reach of children?
  • Do you have your waste bin behind a door with a child proof latch?
  • Do you keep all appliances unplugged when not in use
  • Have you stored all of your vitamins or other medications out of reach of children?
  • Have you stored all of your matches or lighters in a locked cabinet?
  • Have you removed all of the cleaning supplies, bug sprays, dish washing liquids and detergents from under the sink and locked them away?
  • Have you stored any alcohol out of reach of children?
  • Have you stored all plastic bags out of reach?
  • Are all wires, plugs, cables and cords out of reach?
  • Are all of your fridge magnets and other small choking hazards out of reach?
  • Have you installed child proof latches in all doors?
  • Do you have a working fire extinguisher and have you shown your family how to use it correctly?
  • Does the high chair have a strap between the legs and a safety belt?