Safe Kids – Electrical


Electrical Safety In The Home

  electrical safety Take a look at the checklist below; these are some of the more common causes of electrical injuries. You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions, if not, simply fix the problem and you are good to go.  

Electrical Checklist

• Do you have all electrical outlets covered with safety plugs? • Are all of your electrical appliances grounded properly? • Have you fastened electrical cords against the walls with cord holders? • Have you reduced potential fire hazards by removing all electrical cords running under carpets and made sure that no electrical outlets are overloaded? • Do you have your stereo system, computers and TV positioned against the wall and secured with brackets so they cannot be pulled over?  

Heating The Home

• Have you covered your radiators and baseboard heaters with child proof safety screens? • Are all of your heaters kept at least 3 feet from anything that may be flammable? • If you have a gas fireplace is it secured with a key or valve cover? • If you have a fireplace does it have a working safety screen or other type of barrier? • Do you keep the fireplace chimney clean?  

Emergency Equipment

• Do you have a clearly visible list of emergency phone numbers next to each phone and also stored in your mobile devices? • Do you have fire extinguishers in the kitchen and on every floor of your house? • Do you know how to use the fire extinguishers? • If you have a multi story home do you have an exit ladder for the upper floors? • Do you have smoke detectors installed throughout your home? Are they installed in the hallways between bedrooms? • Do you check the smoke detectors every month and change the batteries every 6 months? • Have you installed a carbon monoxide detector?

Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector installed – especially if you use:

A. A furnace/heater system and/or have a chimney B. kerosene heaters C. A fireplace and/or wood-burning stove D. A gas cooking range E. Any type of generator F. Gasoline fuelled appliances G. Gas heaters H. Fireplaces with poor venting I. Tobacco