Safe Kids – On Their Bike


Bike Safety For Kids

Bike riding is a great way to get around when you are a kid; it gives you plenty of fresh air and exercise. But before we let our kids loose we must consider their safety. kids bike safe  

The Push Bike Helmet

Although helmets are not compulsory in many places, they should be made compulsory for all members of your family, no matter where you live or the length of ride. In many countries this is the law.  

Why Wear A Helmet

In the USA alone around half a million kids are seriously injured in push bike versus car accidents and most of those injuries could have been avoided if the riders were wearing a helmet. A correctly fitting helmet will reduce the possibility of serious brain damage or death. Make sure your kids wear one every time they go for a ride.  

When You Are Buying A Helmet

  • Pick bright colors to increase visibility for other road users
  • Get a well ventilated helmet
  • Make sure your helmet meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards (look for a sticker inside)
  • Be sure the helmet fits correctly and is adjustable

A Correctly Fitting Helmet

  • Sits level on the head
  • Is not tilted forward or backward
  • Has strong, wide straps that fasten securely under the chin
  • Fits snug enough that it cannot be moved around by sudden twisting or pulling


  • When wearing a helmet always fasten the straps
  • Do not wear another hat under the helmet
  • If the helmet has taken a hard knock replace it (helmets lose their ability to absorb shock after hard knocks)
  • Helmets are made for specific purposes – skiing, baseball, skating etc. Even though you will get some protection from other types of helmets, whilst riding your bike you should always use a pushbike helmet
  • Be careful of choking via the chin strap – kids should never wear a helmet whilst climbing trees or playing in the playground

When Riding A Bike:

  • Wear bright colored clothing – fluorescent clothing is great
  • Wear reflective tape, or place it on the bike frame so it is easier for motorists to see you
  • Wear light weight clothing to prevent overheating problems
  • Wear solid shoes that can grip the pedals – never ride barefoot
  • Make sure that your children understand and follow all road rules
  • Always ride in the same direction as the traffic
  • Kids less than ten years old should ride on the footpath (sidewalk) older kids should use designated pushbike routes or bike lanes
  • Avoid riding at dusk or in the dark
  • Always be cautious, check in all directions when entering traffic
  • Be careful of parked cars opening doors
  • Always walk your bike through very busy intersections
  • If you are riding in a group always ride in single file
  • Only one person should be on a bike at a time, never let people ride on the handle bars or share your seat
  • Do not wear headphones or anything else that may impair your ability to hear what’s going on around you
  • Always check for traffic and use appropriate hand signals when changing direction
  • Remember to keep your bike well maintained