Safe Kids – Around The House And Yard



Safe Kids – Yard Safety


Yard Safety

Take a look at the checklist below; these are some of the more common causes of injuries in the yard.

You should be able to answer YES to all of the following questions, if not, simply fix the problem and you are good to go.


Safe Kids Checklist – In The Yard

  • Are all of your outdoor areas, stairways and walkways well lit and clear of cracks and missing pieces?
  • Are all walkways clear of tripping hazards?
  • Have you securely covered the garbage cans?
  • If you have a swing set or other equipment is it maintained well, free from rusty, worn, or sharp parts?
  • Do you have a soft surface beneath the equipment to absorb the shock of a fall? E.g. sand, wood chips or mulch etc
  • Do you store your outdoor toys in a dry, secure area when not in use?
  • If you have a pool is there a 1.5m high climb proof fence on all sides, with a self locking, child proof lock on the gate?
  • If you have an above ground pool do you remove the ladders when the pool is not in use?


Some Other Safety Issues Indoors/outdoors

  • Have you removed any plants that may be potentially poisonous?
  • Have you made your home a non-smoking zone to protect your children from the affects of second hand tobacco smoke?
  • Have you had your house tested for health risks from lead, radon, carbon monoxide, and other possibly toxic substances?