Does My Child Have Anxiety?

anxiety in children

Anxiety in children is a normal part of living and generally simply acknowledging their fears and giving a little encouragement is enough to make it go away. But, when the anxiety interferes with your child’s daily life you may need to seek a professional opinion.

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Mouth Wounds First Aid

mouth wounds

The soft tissue of the mouth contains a lot of blood vessels so even a small puncture wound or cut to the lips, mucosa, tongue or gums can result in a lot of bleeding, but generally bleeding in the mouth only lasts for a short time.


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Muscle Joint And Bone Health

bone health

As we get older we begin to show the unavoidable telltale signs. Grey hair and wrinkles being the most obvious. But we must remember that our muscles, joints and bones are also aging.

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The Truth About Poor Posture

good posture exercises

When we look at the young their back shows a perfect S curve and their movements are graceful, smooth and without effort. As we age our posture is affected by bad habits such as slouching or inactivity which ultimately leads to poor posture, muscle fatigue

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Understanding Mental Illness

mental health signs

Mental illness is a generalized term for illnesses that affect the brain or mind, influencing the way a person thinks, feels, acts and reacts. Some of the more common mental illnesses include:

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Free First Aid Posters

free first aid posters

Knowing what to do in an emergency and utilizing Good first aid saves lives. It is a simple skill with a very large impact. Everyone should have at least a basic first aid knowledge and for those who may need a little help remembering grab these posters

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Osteoporosis – Are You At Risk?

osteoporosis signs and symptoms

Due to the rapid drop in estrogen levels during menopause women are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis.  As estrogen levels decrease calcium and other minerals are depleted at a much faster rate.

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Skin Health

Healthy Skin

As we grow older our skin begins to lose its suppleness and go through many changes. Even in healthy skin the aging process will reveal wrinkles, sagging and thinning skin. Some people may also suffer from dry patchy areas, broken blood vessels and

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