Burns – Chemical Burns Treatment

chemical burn treatment

Remove the chemical by removing the affected clothing

Remove all jewelry as liquids can be trapped under rings and watches (Do not remove anything that is embedded in the burn)

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5 Symptoms Of Serious Health Issues

signs and symptoms of heart attack

We all get those niggling aches and pains from time to time, as we get older these become almost expected and are generally nothing to be concerned about. But there are some symptoms which can lead to serious health issues, even death.

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Leg Fracture

broken femur

Some fractures are very obvious, especially those involving deformity, but other are very difficult to diagnose without an ex-ray.

In some of the smaller breaks it can be very difficult to distinguish

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Knee Cap Dislocation

knee subluxation

The patella sits in the patellofemoral groove on the front of the knee joint and glides within this groove when you bend or straighten the leg. A blow to the knee or sudden changes in direction can force the patella out of this groove

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What Is Jet Lag


Jet lag is the name given to a range of symptoms experienced whilst trying to adapt to a new light-dark schedule. After your international flight enters a new time zone your internal body clocks find it difficult to adjust.

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Signs Your Bandage is Too Tight

compression bandage

Bandaging is a very simple first aid technique which can be life saving when done correctly, but it is a common mistake to bandage too tightly affecting the blood circulation to the injured area.


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Fat Burning Heart Rate Zones

fat buster

Understanding the correlation between heart rate levels and training intensity is an invaluable tool for everyone, from the housewife who just wants to lose a couple of kilos to the athlete preparing for a marathon.

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