Safe Kids – On Their Bike

kids bike safety

Bike riding is a great way to get around when you are a kid; it gives you plenty of fresh air and exercise. But before we let our kids loose we must consider their safety. With over half a million kids in the USA alone receiving serious injuries in push bike accidents

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Safe Kids – In The Car

car safety for kids

We must remember, as parents we are responsible for the safety of our children. With accidental injury being the leading cause of death, and car accidents topping this list it is important to follow some basic safety rules when travelling in an automobile.

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Understanding Fever In Kids

fever in kids

We have all seen it before – Your child comes home from school feeling sick, they have a sore throat and are not feeling well. The first thing you do is reach for the thermometer and sure enough your loved one has a fever.

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Safe Kids – Electrical

electrical safety

Do you have all electrical outlets covered with safety plugs? Are all of your electrical appliances grounded properly? Have you fastened electrical cords against the walls with cord holders? Have you reduced potential fire hazards by removing

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Safe Kids – In The Bedroom

Safe Kids

Safe Kids – Do You Know The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Every Corner Of Your Infants Bedroom. Learn How To Make Your Loved Ones Safe, Healthy And Happy

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Indoor Air Pollution

indoor air pollution

Indoor Air Pollution from inefficient cooking and heating practices produce high levels of dangerous household air pollution, including carbon monoxide and other serious pollutants.

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