what is a concussion

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by a knock to the head, often seen in some contact sports, motor vehicle accidents and fights; but concussions may also be caused by something as simple as a fall, or hitting your head in the playground.

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Kids – Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation

When a child is sleep deprived they can become disagreeable, hyperactive and have extreme behavior problems. The amount of sleep needed varies with the age of your child, but we must remember

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Kids Vision Fact Or Fiction

kids vision problems

This is a saying which is so old I can still remember my Grandmother saying it. The fact is, kids can focus on a close item far better than adults can without causing any eye strain

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The Difference Between Cold And Flu

Cold Symptoms Vs Flu Symptoms

You wake up with a high fever, cough, and a sore throat – Is it the flu (influenza) or just the common cold? The symptoms for cold and flu can be remarkably similar and can vary from person to person 

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Understanding Blood And Disease

blood disease

Blood delivers the oxygen and nutrients needed to survive, it helps us warm up and cool down, fight off infections and sends carbon dioxide and other waste products to the kidneys, lungs and digestive system to be removed from the body

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Safe Kids – Prevent Suffocation

prevent suffocation

When your child is at an age where it is difficult for them to raise their head they need extra care to protect them from suffocation. But remember, you must be vigilant with all kids.

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Safe Kids – Germ Safe

preventing colds

Thorough hand washing is the first and best defense against the spread of illness. It is by far the most efficient method to stop the spread of germs and prevent the kids getting sick.

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Safe Kids – Prevent Choking

Prevent Choking

One of the many ways that small children and babies explore their surroundings is by putting things in their mouths. Although this is generally harmless it does pose a choking risk. It is possible for a child to choke on any item small enough to become

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Safe Kids – In The Crib

crib safety

With napping and Sleeping at night your child will spend a lot of time in their crib so it is important to make it both safe and comfortable. Follow these simple rules to help your child sleep comfortably and safely.

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