Do not apply a tourniquet unless there is no other option
If you must use a tourniquet note the time of application
Give nothing to eat or drink

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Bites – Dogs and Cats

bites dogs and cats

For minor animal bites wash the wound using a good anti-bacterial soap and water
Apply any type of antiseptic cream and wrap it in a clean bandage
Seek Professional Advice If the puncture wounds are very deep or there is significant

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Severe Asthma Attack Signs and Symptoms
Persistent shortness of breath
The inability to speak in full sentences

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Knowledge of basic first aid can help you cope in an emergency. You may be able to help a person breath, or reduce their pain and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness.

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Spinal Cord Injury

spinal cord injury immobilize

If your patient is either conscious or unconscious and you suspect a spinal cord injury call for paramedics or any other form of professional help immediately and immobilize the patients head and neck.

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