Snake Bite Treatment

snake bite

Keep the patient still, do not let them walk
Cover the bite site with a clean dressing

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Spider Bite Treatment

spider bite

Use a wide crepe or elasticised bandage and start just above the fingers or toes on the affected limb. Firmly wrap as far as you can up the limb including the bite. Mark the bandage above the bite site and note the time

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Bites And Stings Overview

bites and stings blue ringed octopus

Keep the person still to slow toxins circulating through the body
Don’t suck the poison out or cut the wound
Do not use tourniquets

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Burn Treatment

burn treatment

Hold the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes
You may cover the burn in a cool, clean, damp cloth
Remove jewellery and clothing from around the burn (only if not embedded in the burn)

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Unless the skin is broken you do not need to cover the bruise
Apply ice wrapped in a cloth or an ice pack for around ten minutes a few times a day for a couple of days to help reduce swelling

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Try to leave the skin on a blister intact as this provides a natural barrier decreasing the chances of infection
Cover it with a bandage or other form of adhesive bandage

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Black Eye

black eye

A black eye is caused when we get an eye injury and bleed into the skin around the eyes. Although most black eyes are not serious they can indicate a much more severe problem such as a fracture of the bones around the eye or an internal eye injury.

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Do not apply a tourniquet unless there is no other option
If you must use a tourniquet note the time of application
Give nothing to eat or drink

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Bites – Dogs and Cats

bites dogs and cats

For minor animal bites wash the wound using a good anti-bacterial soap and water
Apply any type of antiseptic cream and wrap it in a clean bandage
Seek Professional Advice If the puncture wounds are very deep or there is significant

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Severe Asthma Attack Signs and Symptoms
Persistent shortness of breath
The inability to speak in full sentences

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