Could You Save A Loved One?

Could You Recognize and Treat These Common Conditions?




• Bone fracture 
• Burns
• Cardiac Arrest 
• Choking
• Diving injuries
• Heat stroke, also known as sunstroke or hyperthermia
• Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia 
• Hypothermia
• Bites and stings 
• Joint dislocation
• Seizures 
• Muscle strains and Sprains 
• Stroke 
• Wounds and bleeding 




If you answered no to any of the above it is time to either learn new, or refresh your old first aid skills.

first aid book

First Aid - Simple Fast Effective

Use this easy to read, step by step First Aid Manual to help you recognize and care for all types of injuries in all age groups.


Authored by a Paramedic and designed for the novice, this book gives you simple, easy to follow, step by step instructions guiding you through the causes, signs, symptoms and treatment of a huge range of conditions. From cuts and abrasions, to sprained ankles, heart attack, stroke and unconsciousness.


With the latest CPR techniques, crystal clear explanations and many “How To” images, this possible life-saving manual is a must read for the whole family.

I hope you read the book, enjoy the book, and NEVER HAVE TO USE IT.



Dave Ashton B.A Clinical Practice (Paramedics)



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