Electric Shock


Electric Shock First Aid

Remember To Send for Help – Call an Ambulance


If the patient is in a position where you have no access to turn of the electricity supply Stay Clear, Do Not Approach. Call the appropriate services to render the site safe.


Signs and Symptoms

  • May have burns from the point of contact
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Weak pulse or erratic pulse
  • May be unconscious
  • Sudden cardiac arrest



  • Check for any danger
  • Turn off the electricity
  • Remove the patient from the source of electricity
  • If possible place any burnt area under cool running water for 20 minutes and cover with a clean, loose, not fluffy material. Use plastic cling wrap as an alternative
  • Seek professional medical assistance

electric shock power lines

If you come across fallen power lines Do Not Approach.


  • Always assume they are live
  • The safe distance from live power lines is over 10 metres (The length of a city bus)