Use D.R.S.A.B.C.D on every patient to assess for any life threatening conditions and the need for immediate first aid


image credit to St Johns Ambulance


Check for Danger
Be sure that it is safe for you, the patient and any bystanders

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Check for Response
Squeeze shoulders firmly and talk: Can you hear me? Open your eyes

No Response                                           Response = Make Comfortable and Monitor

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Send for help
Call an Ambulance. Send someone to get help. Ask bystanders for assistance

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Open the airway
Open The Mouth – Gently tilt the head backwards and lift the chin

If any foreign material is present place them in the recovery position and

remove the material with your fingers

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Check for breathing Look-Listen-Feel

Place your hand on the chest and your cheek near the mouth and nose

Look and feel the chest for air movement, listen and feel for air from the mouth and nose

Not Normal Breathing          Normal Breathing – place them in the recovery position and monitor

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Commence CPR
Give 30 compressions then 2 rescue breaths and repeat

If you do not wish to give rescue breaths use Hands-Only Resuscitation
(Chest compressions only, no mouth to mouth)

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Attach a defibrillator
(AED-Automated External Defibrillator)

Turn it on and follow the automated voice commands
Continue CPR until the casualty responds, medical assistance arrives or you are too exhausted to continue