Understanding Growing Pains

what are growing pains

Growing pains can be experienced for months or years, with most kids outgrowing the problem within a few years.They generally occur at night and are usually described as a throbbing or aching in the legs, most commonly in the calves, front of thighs or 

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How To Care For Children’s Teeth

Care For Children's Teeth

The major cause of tooth decay is from a lack of brushing. This leads to a buildup of plaque, which harbors bacteria. Eating sweet, sugary, sticky foods encourages this bacteria to produce acid which can cause tooth decay and bleeding gums (gingivitis)

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Understanding Childhood Asthma

childhood asthma

Asthma is a very common, chronic childhood illness characterized by inflammation of the lower airway. Asthma flare-ups are triggered by irritants including different allergens, viruses and even things like laughing

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Is It Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis or Croup?

bronchitis bronchiolitis or croup

Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis and Croup – A Comparison   Bronchitis Can affect people of any age (more common in adults and older children) Causes inflammation of the trachea and upper bronchial tubes Bronchiolitis Mainly affects children under two years of age Occurs when the bronchioles (smallest airways in the lungs) become

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Kids – Emergency Preparedness

medical information

In a medical emergency the more relevant information you can give about your child the faster your doctor can test, diagnose and prescribe the most appropriate treatment. In a serious medical emergency this can be the difference between life and death.

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Kids – Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation

When a child is sleep deprived they can become disagreeable, hyperactive and have extreme behavior problems. The amount of sleep needed varies with the age of your child, but we must remember

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Kids Vision Fact Or Fiction

kids vision problems

This is a saying which is so old I can still remember my Grandmother saying it. The fact is, kids can focus on a close item far better than adults can without causing any eye strain

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Understanding Fever In Kids

fever in kids

We have all seen it before – Your child comes home from school feeling sick, they have a sore throat and are not feeling well. The first thing you do is reach for the thermometer and sure enough your loved one has a fever.

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Understanding ADHD

adhd treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms can differ from person to person and may include hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and an inability to control impulses.

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