Understanding Weight And Waist Size

waist size

When measuring weight it is important to take the persons height into consideration. There are specific heights to weight ratios which are in the “healthy range” and others which are not so healthy.

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10 Steps To A Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep

Most people have experienced a bad night’s sleep and woke up feeling tired and irritable. If this happens as a one off, or even every now and then it is no big deal, but if it’s a frequent occurrence it can be far more serious.

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Heart Disease Warning Signs

Heart Disease Symptoms

Heart disease is an umbrella term which describes many conditions affecting your heart, including: Diseases of the blood vessels, problems with your hearts rhythm, congenital heart defects and others

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Use Medication Wisely

use medication wisely

In this day and age we have many choices when it comes to medications. You may take medicine prescribed by your doctor or bought over the counter from the chemist; many people choose to use herbal medications from their

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Muscle Joint And Bone Health

bone health

As we get older we begin to show the unavoidable telltale signs. Grey hair and wrinkles being the most obvious. But we must remember that our muscles, joints and bones are also aging.

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The Truth About Poor Posture

good posture exercises

When we look at the young their back shows a perfect S curve and their movements are graceful, smooth and without effort. As we age our posture is affected by bad habits such as slouching or inactivity which ultimately leads to poor posture, muscle fatigue

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Osteoporosis – Are You At Risk?

osteoporosis signs and symptoms

Due to the rapid drop in estrogen levels during menopause women are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis.  As estrogen levels decrease calcium and other minerals are depleted at a much faster rate.

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Good Eye Care Tips

good eye care tips

Generally, changes to the eyes are a very gradual process and you may not notice any signs and symptoms of disease. For this reason it is important to have regular checkups with your optometrist. Most eye problems are completely avoidable or 

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Understanding Repetitive Stress Injury


In these fast paced, hectic times, people rely on technology to make tasks faster and more efficient. Electronic devices such as computers help us save time, earn money, educate us and give us pleasure. But…

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5 Symptoms Of Serious Health Issues

signs and symptoms of heart attack

We all get those niggling aches and pains from time to time, as we get older these become almost expected and are generally nothing to be concerned about. But there are some symptoms which can lead to serious health issues, even death.

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