Benefits Of A Ketogenic (Keto) Diet


What Is A Ketogenic (Keto) Diet 


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The Ketogenic diet is a high fat low carb diet that in many ways is similar to the Atkins and other low carb diets. It has many health benefits 1 and may help against cancer 2, epilepsy 3, diabetes 4 and Alzheimer’s disease 5.



How Does It Work?

The Ketogenic Diet involves a drastic reduction in the intake of carbohydrates and an increase in the intake of fat.

The heavy reduction of carbs places your body into a state of Ketosis which makes your body efficiently utilize the burning of fat for energy and converts fat into Ketones in the liver as a source of energy for the brain (67).

Studies show that Ketogenic diets lower blood sugar and insulin levels in the body (6891011) shifting the metabolism away from using carbohydrates towards Ketones and fats.



Lose Weight with Ketogenic Diets

There is plenty of research out there that shows a Ketogenic diet is very effective for weight loss and is far better than a normal low fat diet (2141516)

In studies people on Ketogenic diets lost more than two times the weight than people on calorie restriction diets, and had an improvement in Triglyceride and HDL cholesterol levels (17) (18).

A Ketogenic diet is very filling so you can usually lose weight without the hunger.



Ketogenic Diets and Diabetes

The Ketogenic diet helps you lose fat, which is linked to type 2 diabetes (192021)

In one study the Ketogenic diet improved insulin sensitivity by 75%, 22 and another study found that 7 people from a group of 21 on a Ketogenic diet were able to stop taking all diabetes medications 23.



Other Ketogenic Health Benefits

The Ketogenic diet has been shown to have benefits for a variety of conditions including:


Heart Disease

The Ketogenic diet can help improve body fat, blood pressure, blood sugar and HDL cholesterol levels which are all risk factors for heart disease. (2425)



People with slow tumor growth and several types of cancer are currently using a Ketogenic diet as part of a treatment plan (4262728).


Alzheimer’s disease

There is evidence to suggest that a Ketogenic diet may reduce symptoms and slow the progress of Alzheimer’s (52930).



There is good research showing a Ketogenic diet can cause huge reductions in seizures in children with epilepsy 3.



Eating less sugar and lowering insulin levels may help improve acne.


Please remember although these are reputable studies the evidence is far from conclusive. There is still a long way to go in understanding the full effects of a Ketogenic diet.


Ketogenic Side Effects (Ketogenic flu)

Whilst you body adapts to the Ketogenic diet there may be some side effects, these usually only last a few days and may consist of poor mental function, fatigue, nausea, digestive discomfort, problems sleeping and increased hunger.

A Ketogenic diet can also affect your mineral and water balance. Putting a little extra salt on your food or using a supplement may help.



  • If you are overweight, diabetic or simply want to improve your metabolic health then the Ketogenic diet is for you
  • If you are an athlete or a body builder wishing to bulk up and put on large amounts of muscle mass then the Ketogenic diet probably isn’t for you.


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