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Born in 1964 in Sydney Australia and lived along the east coast most of my life. I worked in the safety health and fitness industry for 20 years as a Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art instructor, Personal Health Diet and Lifestyle Coach; and a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Back then, one of the largest issues fitness instructors faced was students who smoked; as you could imagine this made it incredibly difficult to give your students any real level of health or fitness.  To combat this problem I learnt the art of Hypnotherapy and utilized it to great effect for many years. It not only helped the students stop smoking but was invaluable for goal setting and many other health related issues.

Due to a couple of tricky knees and a minor age problem I decided it was time for a career change and obtained a Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedics) from Charles Sturt University.

Now retired from the Queensland Ambulance Service i am enjoying an extended stay in the Philippines.

David Ashton B.A Clinical Practice, Dip Hyp. M.A.E.P.H